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28 March 2010 / Viktoria

Mini Assignment 3

Here’s exactly the same view as the blue picture before this one. (The blue picture can be found here: – this wordpress theme doesn’t allow more than one picture in each post.) The light was completely different this day and I thought these two pictures are perfect for the mini assignment this month.

16 March 2010 / Viktoria


Found a very very blue sky in Jönköping yesterday.

05 March 2010 / Viktoria


If you think “Huh?” now I can tell you that I really didn’t expect to get a clear shot of Selma – she’s always moving. 😉

I guess it was kind of unexpected for Ron to find out that “katt” means “cat” in swedish too. 😛

27 February 2010 / Viktoria


One of the windows in Eksjö Church.

27 February 2010 / Viktoria

Big And Small

Looks like someone chose not to go by car when they went to the café in Eksjö today…

23 February 2010 / Viktoria

Mini assignment 2 – Well that didn’t work!

I post this even if it’s not sharp at all. Anywhere. 😀 At least you know we’re trying over here. Well Selma try to run most of the time. Or lick my face. 🙄 And I tried to use the light from the window. We need MORE windows. 😉

20 February 2010 / Viktoria

Snow, snow, snow…

…and some more snow. This is how we spend our weekend at the moment. And it’s still snowing. Ron – make some room for us please! 😉

08 February 2010 / Viktoria

More chocolate

…or well – less chocolate than in the other picture. 😉

08 February 2010 / Viktoria


05 February 2010 / Viktoria


This is actually shot in colour and not a b&w picture. This is how grey it can get in January…

02 February 2010 / Viktoria


Did I mention I like tulips? 😉

02 February 2010 / Viktoria


31 January 2010 / Viktoria

Another edible one

Enjoy a semla. I did just that this morning. Yummy!