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18 April 2010 / Viktoria


Another picture from my “look up”-day. 😀 I don’t know why, but I like it just like this.



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  1. Julie McLeod / Apr 18 2010 22:26

    That is pretty unique! I should do a ‘look up’ day……

  2. Lorri / Apr 18 2010 22:37

    I’m glad you wrote “I don’t know why, but I just like this” because I was thinking the same thing! I couldn’t precisely say why I like it, but I like it. Maybe it’s the clean blue of the sky contrasted with the slightly gritty urban feel of the light fixture. I like it.

  3. danudin / Apr 18 2010 23:37

    Wonderful perspective I can’t believe you got that shot with a cat drapped around your neck. I couldn’t help commenting on your comment on my chair post.

  4. Tammy McChesney / Apr 19 2010 2:00

    I really like the perspective here…the blur in the foreground really adds to the height of the light post…very cool, as always! You always have such an artistic eye!

  5. Karen / Apr 19 2010 15:46

    Very fun and interesting, we should all take a look up!

  6. rinnysphotos / Apr 21 2010 0:05

    Great effect and fantastic colours. I like it all.

  7. Edmund / Apr 21 2010 4:41

    Nice, and different fun shot.

  8. Jessica S. / Apr 23 2010 8:21

    Great angle. Love it!

  9. Deena / Apr 26 2010 13:00

    What a great idea – “look up” day. Definitely provides interesting images that one might ordinarily miss.

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