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13 April 2010 / Viktoria


2 in focus + 2 out of focus = 4



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  1. Barb P / Apr 13 2010 19:18

    Love the simplicity of this photo. I also love the rustic feel of the over all photo. Great DOF and clarity. 2 thumbs up.

  2. Clara Williams / Apr 13 2010 22:28

    That piece of red barbed wire is just fabulous. I love the simplicity and the great DOF. Great eye.

  3. rinnysphotos / Apr 13 2010 22:29

    Even though this is a simple shot there is so much to look at, so much detail. The eye is lead up and down the lines over and over and I really love the colour of the DOF in this. 2 thumbs up from me too!

  4. danudin / Apr 13 2010 23:42

    The new and the old composition is sooo powerful with the richness of the rusted wire, wonderful Bokeh. This needs framing and displaying poste haste.

  5. Tammy McChesney / Apr 14 2010 1:09

    Oh wow, beautifully done…you have made boring old barb wire look fresh and exciting! Awesome work!

  6. Edmund / Apr 14 2010 2:35

    I love it. Very nicely done and love the “Bokeh”. Also great take on this theme. Thanks for suggesting a Bl/Wh conversion for my sneakers. I added the Bl/Wh.

  7. Bob Rosen / Apr 14 2010 12:34

    Stark and compelling. Great shot.

  8. Deena / Apr 16 2010 16:50

    What a great job! I love the red barb wire as well as the overall simplicity of the image. Well done.

  9. Karen S. (klsbear) / Apr 17 2010 17:17

    Wow – very nice shot! The contrast of colors, new and old, and the bokeh in the background to set off the sharp images all work together.

  10. Jens (Jinxy) / Apr 17 2010 18:21

    Great image all around, love the sharp details against the background!!

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