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12 April 2010 / Viktoria


One tractor. I guess the owner took a little break…



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  1. Tammy McChesney / Apr 12 2010 20:32

    Love this composition with the huge blue sky…it really puts the tractor into porportion…very cool!

  2. Barb P / Apr 12 2010 21:31

    Love the story and the vivid colors. Also having all the rocks in the foreground tell another story one of hard times and hard farming.

  3. rinnysphotos / Apr 12 2010 23:51

    It does look lonely. It makes me wonder how much hard work is to be done on the other side of the hill.

  4. danudin / Apr 13 2010 0:26

    Just gone to get some more seed, see he has unhitched the horse that draws it!

  5. Deena / Apr 13 2010 16:03

    Love the composition. The tractor sitting there with that great expanse of sky. Well done.

  6. Clara Williams / Apr 13 2010 22:27

    I love shots with lots of sky. This is a great shot with great composition.

  7. Edmund / Apr 14 2010 3:02

    Verticle shots are tough to get especially with a lot of sky. This one works very nicely.

  8. Bobbie / Apr 16 2010 5:20

    Great angle–I can small the fresh earth as it’s being turned up.

  9. Julie McLeod / Apr 16 2010 19:09

    I like the contrast between the harsh metal machine and the rough earth and the soft natural sky. Lovely composition…

  10. Karen S. (klsbear) / Apr 17 2010 17:19

    Nice composition – I like the rich, dark soil in the foreground and the contrast of the warm red tractor against the cooler earthtones and blue sky. Another winner.

  11. Jens (Jinxy) / Apr 17 2010 18:22

    Great composition on this image, well done!!

  12. Jessica S. / Apr 17 2010 19:37

    Beautiful sky, and great composition. I love that tree on the left side there. It adds just the right touch.

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