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28 March 2010 / Viktoria


William and Hannah sure is a blessing to me. Figaroo the cat too. 😀 Even if they are in my bed and I have to sleep with half my body outside the bed. 😉 This picture would have been better without the flash, but I didn’t want to wake them up running around with the tripod and so on.



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  1. Tammy McChesney / Mar 28 2010 19:48

    Awwwww….what little angels (Figaroo included)! This is so sweet!

  2. Jessica / Mar 28 2010 20:04

    So cute! Trifecta! My cat loves to take up the whole bed as well.

  3. danudin / Mar 28 2010 23:06

    The real blessing is that they are all asleep – Finally.

  4. Deena / Mar 29 2010 2:59

    Blessings for sure. I always marvel at how angelic children loo when they are sleeping!

  5. Jens (Jinxy) / Mar 29 2010 17:11

    That is a great image. Looks like Figaroo has the biggest share of the bed.

  6. Barb P / Mar 31 2010 4:09

    I agree with you on the kids being blessings. Great focus on the children

  7. Clara Williams / Mar 31 2010 4:40

    All of the bits of red scattered throughout the image bring it togethe so nicely. I like that we can see his hands. A precious, beautiful image.

  8. Karen / Mar 31 2010 13:35

    Kids and Cats are truly blessings. I like the love and warmth this picture portrays. BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Sue / Apr 1 2010 10:47

    This is just wonderful…the patterns..the overlapping of bodies and it!!! Welcome to the group!!! I look forward to coming by again to visit your blog.

  10. Julie McLeod / Apr 1 2010 18:36

    Such a precious photo! I love all the color and pattern and then the peacefulness of a family at rest…

  11. Lorri / Apr 6 2010 22:49

    Wonderful way to illustrate the theme! I like the deep reds in an otherwise neutrally toned photo.

  12. rinnysphotos / Apr 7 2010 23:28

    How sweet and what a blessing it is. I think I would prefer to sleep elsewhere though.

  13. oneshotbeyond / Apr 9 2010 5:33

    I wish I could sleep that sound! Nice photograph…

  14. Ellen / Apr 9 2010 6:09

    Sweet dreams all round. What a wonderful photo.

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